Popular Croatian beaches you should visit during your vacation

Sailing in Croatia is a great attraction and experience for tourists. It is a popular destination with a rich natural and cultural history that deserves admiration. However, the clear sea and the surrounding coast are not only reasons for its popularity. Luxury sailboats offer you a chance to visit beautiful beaches, islands, bays, or cliffs. Croatian beaches are mostly stony, but you can also find sandy ones. When planning your vacation, you should choose a beach that is right for you. You can explore it together with your family and capture all moments in family photos.

Zrče Beach

Zrče beach is the almost one-kilometer long stony beach. The two-faced beach will provide you with a great amount of fun and ideal conditions for swimming in the water. Sailing in Croatia can often lead you to places where you can swim directly in the open sea. Zrče beach has many attractions for every age category. Those who would like to experience more than just bathing in the sea can try water slides, playgrounds, or other water attractions. Couples can visit evening bars or discos. 

Girandella Beach

Luxury sailboats and the beautiful coastline can also take you to Girandella Beach. This fine gravel beach with concrete parts attracts tourists and offers a pleasant and peaceful holiday. In the night, Girandella turns into a place full of life and entertainment. On sunny days you can sunbathe or play water sports. Sailing in Croatia is not only a rest beside the sea, you can enjoy nightlife and discos, too.

Saplunara Beach

Saplunara beach is a good alternative for people looking for a peaceful vacation. On this beach, luxury sailboats with all-day cruises can be replaced by a sense of peace. Not only it offers ideal conditions, but a relaxing time on the beach. And you will certainly need it. Sandy beach and clear sea complete the unique and calm atmosphere of the whole beach. 

All beaches at once

If you don’t know which beach to choose, there is another option. Have you ever considered renting a sailboat or catamaran, so that you can visit more beaches at once? There is still a „prejudice“ that sailing is affordable only for rich people. Today, however, it is an option available even for smaller budgets. You can sail and visit beaches you want, and enjoy peace, nature, good food and wine. LuxurySailing.eu offers luxury yacht charters, starting from 190 euros per person per week. So what do you think?